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MIP charges at Savannah College of Art and Design

College is a remarkable time in every person’s life. It is the transitional period between youth and adulthood. Sadly, this transition rarely takes place without making a few mistakes. Everyone does it, just not everyone gets caught. Alcohol tends to be a driving factor in many of these mistakes. It makes sense; it’s more readily available in college, there is a mixing of young and older…

Domestic violence defense on Tybee Island

Domestic Violence is no joke. Hundreds of thousands of families fall victim to abuse from a loved one at one point or another. This is a traumatic situation that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For various reasons, Georgia law favors the victim’s rights over the rights of the accuser. But what this ends up meaning is a spouse doesn’t hardly have to provide any evidence to get his or her partner…

Charged with shoplifting on Tybee Island

Shoplifting is considered the number one property crime in America, and we’re no different here on Tybee Island. It is the most commonly prosecuted theft crime in Georgia and affects individuals from all walks of life.

Georgia law defines shoplifting as theft committed with intent to take merchandise without paying for it by:

Concealing or taking possession of merchandise

Determining nuisance charges on Tybee Island

The age old adage that “what isn’t a big deal to one might be a big deal to another” is basically what defines nuisance laws in Georgia. They’re vague, open to interpretation and should you be accused of one, then the law is not in your favor.

A nuisance is defined as “anything that causes hurt, inconvenience, or damage to another.”

Even if whatever you did is within t…

Criminal trespass charges on Tybee Island

Tybee Island truly is a slice of heaven on earth. People come from far and wide to enjoy our pristine beaches, golden sunshine and plethora of adventurous activities. And of course, when you’re on vacation you might partake in other, more inebriated activities. Drinking, as long as you’re of age, isn’t a crime in Georgia, but it might lead to doing other “activities” that can b…

Facing a field sobriety test on Tybee Island

It is never advised under any circumstance to drive while under the influence of intoxicants. You’re just asking for trouble. Police officers are trained, ready and willing to spot and pull over drunk drivers for the safety of the community. They’re aware of those late night college parties at SCAD and aren’t afraid to put up DUII road blocks to test the pool for drunk drivers.


Pulled over by police officers on Tybee Island?

Few sinking feelings rival the one when flashing lights appear in your rear view mirror and the siren of a police vehicle splatters into the darkness. Your eyes dart to the speedometer, you check to see that your lights were on, you question how long it’s been since you had a drink last (even if it’s been days), and panic grows as you wonder, “why me?”

The key is to stay calm. So many…

Savanah College of Art and Design students: keep your scholarships safe from marijuana possession charges

In the state of Georgia, it’s not uncommon for students to lose their State scholarships and Federal financial aid after being convicted of a felony drug offense. Sounds pretty harsh, right? What if it’s your first time being convicted of criminal drug charges? Even if it’s your first offense, you’re still not safe from this extra financial burden.

First offenders can enroll in…

What to expect from a criminal defense lawyer on Tybee Island

savannah defense michael moody marijuana

If you’re facing a serious crime with penalties and jail time, you want to make sure you hire the very best criminal defense lawyer in Georgia. As the only defense attorney on Tybee Island, I am more than up for the job.

You might be thinking that because you took a couple pre-law classes in college you should be able to represent yourself. First of all, I think it’s great that you’r…

Not sure if you need a criminal defense attorney on Tybee Island?

Suspended License - Moody

Are you wondering if you should hire a criminal defense lawyer? Let me ask you a simple question: Have you been charged of a crime on Tybee Island?

If you answered yes, then my answer is also yes – you need a criminal defense lawyer.

Now, let me ask you another question: Did you commit your crime on Tybee Island?

If you answered yes then call me today. I am the only criminal defens…