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Determining nuisance charges on Tybee Island

The age old adage that “what isn’t a big deal to one might be a big deal to another” is basically what defines nuisance laws in Georgia. They’re vague, open to interpretation and should you be accused of one, then the law is not in your favor.

A nuisance is defined as “anything that causes hurt, inconvenience, or damage to another.”

Even if whatever you did is within the confinements of the law, that doesn’t make it not a nuisance. Confusing, right? If you’ve been charged with a nuisance law your best move is to contact me immediately to avoid fines and/or criminal charges. You might think your neighbor is ridiculous for alerting the county or police that you haven’t mowed your lawn enough this summer and so you choose to just ignore the problem. But if you’re notified of a nuisance charge repeatedly for the same thing it becomes a more serious problem.

Nuisances can occur in public or private. For a public nuisance to be valid, the problem has to damage everyone within the scope of the operation. A private nuisance affects a much smaller number of individuals. And, when the charges relate to damage of personal property because of an ongoing nuisance, the damaged property owner may be able to pursue restitution.

If you’re being charged with a nuisance, call me today at 912-472-4285 for a consultation.

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