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Not sure if you need a criminal defense attorney on Tybee Island?

Suspended License - Moody

Are you wondering if you should hire a criminal defense lawyer? Let me ask you a simple question: Have you been charged of a crime on Tybee Island?

If you answered yes, then my answer is also yes – you need a criminal defense lawyer.

Now, let me ask you another question: Did you commit your crime on Tybee Island?

If you answered yes then call me today. I am the only criminal defense lawyer on the island and it is my job to serve your best interests. As your lawyer, I can walk you through the many stages of the criminal process. And trust me, it’s not something you want to try and tackle alone.

Are you familiar with the difference between a reduced plea bargain and a dismissal? This is just one of many aspects of a criminal case that requires detailed knowledge and understanding.

Being charged with a crime – whether you’re wrongfully accused or not – is a serious and complicated matter. Criminal charges may result in jail time, penalties, a criminal record and several other long-term consequences like losing your job.

As your criminal defense lawyer, it’s my job to make sure you get the best possible outcome for your situation. And because I’m the only defense attorney on Tybee Island, I handle a variety of criminal cases from theft to domestic violence to drug possession charges and everything in between. Whether you’re facing a felony or a misdemeanor, I can help you.

Because being slapped with a charge doesn’t mean you have to walk away with that on your record. A good lawyer can help reduce your charge to a lesser offence, lessen the severity of punishment and reduce or even eliminate jail time.

But remember when doing your research that criminal laws and penalties vary by state – so while you might find an experienced lawyer in Mississippi who deals primarily with a specific type of crime, he or she won’t be able to properly represent you in Georgia. You want someone with experience in Georgia Law. And since you’re already on Tybee Island, why not come in for a consultation today?

Contact me today. Don’t wait another minute. Call Savannah Defense at at 912-472-4285.

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