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What to expect from a criminal defense lawyer on Tybee Island

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If you’re facing a serious crime with penalties and jail time, you want to make sure you hire the very best criminal defense lawyer in Georgia. As the only defense attorney on Tybee Island, I am more than up for the job.

You might be thinking that because you took a couple pre-law classes in college you should be able to represent yourself. First of all, I think it’s great that you’re somewhat educated in the justice system but you couldn’t be making a worse decision. The legal system is literally set up in such a way that representing yourself in a criminal matter is almost impossible.

Watching an episode or two of Law and Order won’t cut it either. Those shows glorify the exciting aspects of the criminal process and tend to leave out the more “boring” stuff. But let me tell you, that boring stuff is vitally important to getting your charges reduced, avoiding jail time and hefty penalties.

A criminal defense lawyer has many jobs. Here are just some bullet points:

  • Work with the prosecutor to negotiate a plea bargain. These bargains may reduce or eliminate some of your charges and consequently jail time and penalties. If you’re not a master of negotiation, you’ll probably be at a loss going at this process on your own, and many prosecutors won’t even bother with someone who isn’t represented by an attorney.
  • Negotiate your sentencing. Let’s say you are found guilty. I can help negotiate your sentencing so that you don’t wind up back in the justice system. For example, if it was drug related charges, as your lawyer I would negotiate reducing a jail or prison sentence for rehab time.
  • Provide objectivity. Let’s face it, emotions run high in situations like this. Fortunately, it’s my job to remain objective throughout the entire process and offer my best advice without being emotional.
  • Explain and educate.  Throughout the criminal justice process, I will take the time to educate you on important rules and regulations that you might not have found on your own. Can you say with confidence that the police had no right to search your purse, where they found the drug paraphernalia? If you can’t, then you are in need of a lawyer who when given the details of the situation can properly interpret the law surrounding it.

As you can see, reading books on practicing law and watching criminal defense TV shows won’t help you as much as you might think. You want someone with several years of practicing the law – not just reading about it – representing you in court.

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